Monday, January 2, 2012

7 Ways to Make Penis Strong and Healthy

News Health Articles - 7 Ways to Make Penis Strong and Healthy. Has a strong and healthy penis is one of the most important thing for a man. Not only sexual function, strong and healthy penis is very important for the body and overall men's health. There are several ways for male genital organs strong and healthy.

The penis has three main functions, which are used to dispose of urine because it is an extension of the urethra, and most importantly sexual function is a function of reproduction. These three functions will be able to work well can a man have a healthy and strong penis. On the other hand, a healthy penis and strong men also increase self-confidence.

Here are 7 Ways to Make Penis Strong and Healthy, as reported by, Monday (02/01/2012):

1. Getting enough sleep
Getting enough sleep is a natural way to make a penis fit. Every night when he slept his cock will 'wake up' and get an erection 3 to 5 hours, erection night (nocturnal penile erection or erections during sleep) will make the penis re-energized and healthy for oxygenated blood. The more the nocturnal erection, erectile tissue more flexible, thereby helping him stay in shape.

2. Quit smoking
Get rid of cigarettes if you want to get a healthy penis because smoking can cause impotence. Research shows that smoking can affect the size of the erection, in which male smokers have smaller penises than non-smokers. Smoking can also damage blood vessels and causes the penis becomes less elastic tissue, preventing it from stretching.

3. Be careful with sex positions
An estimated one third of impotent men have a history of penile trauma. Therefore, be careful when performing various sex positions. The position is at risk can lead to rupture of corpora cavernosa, the erectile cavernous space that makes the penis lengthening. Rupture of the corpora cavernosa can cause internal bleeding that requires emergency surgery.

If no serious damage occurred can lead to problems later on. Corpora cavernosa rupture layer which will be covered with scar tissue, erectile tissue to lose elasticity. This causes curvature, pain and ultimately erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.

4. Expand walking
A study showed that men who walked about 2 miles per day reduced the risk of erectile problems as much as 50 percent compared with men who lack the street. 20 minutes of jogging or gym workout can also help.

5. Evaporate
Yawning and erections are a response which is controlled by the same body chemicals, which is nitric oxide. These chemicals are released by the brain to the neurons that control the opening and mouth breathing, or down to the bone marrow into the blood vessel which pumps oxygenated blood to the penis.

Nitric oxide sometimes traveling in both directions, so that makes a man an erection when you're yawning. So allow yourself a good yawn all day because it can help the neurochemical pathways that lead to a better erection.

6. Lose weight
Obesity has a significant impact on male sexual health. Studies show that more severe obesity, the lower testosterone levels. Conditions related to obesity, especially diabetes and high blood pressure, contribute to erectile dysfunction.

More than 50 percent of diabetic men become impotent. Diabetes also accelerates the process of artery disease, which interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body. This causes the penis numb. While high blood pressure associated with abnormal penile blood flow.

7. Monogamy
Monogamous relationship does not only help avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but also helps maintain an erection longer. Doctors specializing in erectile dysfunction (ED) mentions that ED is a side effect of having an affair. According to doctors, infidelity can make men feel guilty about that later can turn into anxiety, which can kill an erection.


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