Sunday, January 29, 2012

Locked Overheated Car, Can Damaged Brain Immediately

News Health Articles - Locked Overheated Car, Can Damaged Brain Immediately. The temperature inside a parked car in the sun is generally very high because of heat trapped by the glass film. The brain can experience serious damage in just 20 minutes, if someone was locked in an overheated car.

Children are most vulnerable to experience it because it is often left behind and locked in the car, for example due to overslept. In Australia, at least 1500 children trapped in a car that is overheating during the period November to December 2011.

5 Contraception Pill Side Effects from Dizzy Until Libido Down

News Health Articles - Contraception Pill Side effects from Dizzy Until Libido Down. There are different types of contraception that can be used both hormonal and non-hormonal. Sometimes hormone-based contraceptives such as pills and injections cause side effects such as headaches until libido down. What are the side effects generally arise?

Birth control pills usually contain a combination of hormones that function to prevent the release of eggs. Mature eggs retained in the ovaries, so that when the sperm comes no eggs available for fertilization.

Four Recipes Improve Male Erectile Dysfunction

News Health Articles - 4 recipes improve male erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is not just a matter of husbands, but of course will have an impact on his wife. One simple way a woman can do to help her husband that is to use four simple recipes are easily found in supermarkets.

"Erectile dysfunction can ruin sex lives. But on the other hand, this disorder can be a great time to explore creativity and intimacy by exploring ways to share," said Marianne Brandon, PhD, clinical psychologist and sex therapist in Annapolis, Maryland.

Driving While Severe Flu As Danger As Drunk

News Health Articles - Driving While Severe Flu As Danger As Drunk. Driving either motorcycles or cars need high levels of concentration. Apparently people who have the ability to drive heavy flu which is as bad as a drunk, so it can be dangerous.

A new report shows the driver a severe cold or the flu will have a poor level of concentration when behind the wheel. This condition puts the risk for themselves and other road users.

Carbonated Drinks Acid Could Mash Rat Become Jelly

News Health Articles - Carbonated Drinks Acid Could Mash Rat Become Jelly. The Company acknowledges that the soft drink Pepsi product soft drinks contain acids that are strong enough. Although safe for humans, but a mouse can be mashed into a jelly-like when soaked in Pepsi for approximately 30 days.

This recognition came as a rebuttal of the claims of a customer who found a dead rat in a can of Mountain Dew packaging, one brand of soft drink made by Pepsi. The claim was delivered by Ronald Ball (52 years), men from Wisconsin recently.

Soy Not Protect Colon from Cancer Risk

News Health Articles - Soy Not Protect Colon from Cancer Risk. The content in soybean seeds fitoesterogen touted able to prevent many types of cancer. But specific to colon cancer risk, a study in Japan showed that soy is not too much to give protection.

Fitoesterogen or also called the content of isoflavones in soy beans that have properties like the hormone estrogen. Female sex hormone that protects against various types of cancer during still in childbearing age.

Herpes Vaccine Failure to Protect Women

News Health Articles - Herpes Vaccine Failure to Protect Women. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can strike both men and women. But a vaccine that is believed to prevent herpes failed to protect women from disease.

The researchers reported promising vaccine against herpes viruses indicates a failure in large clinical trials. Known efficacy (effectiveness) of this vaccine against herpes disease by 20 percent only. These results are reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.